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California Center for Regional Leadership
Reviving Citizen Civic Engagement
Reviving Citizen Civic Engagement
 NEW Speaker’s Commission on Regionalism Final Report

 NEW Multimedia: A Perspecitve On Restructuring the Tax System in California

June 20, 2005
Build a better ballot measure

April 21, 2005
Panel discusses fixing initiative process

April 19, 2005
NSBN Leverages School Bonds To Benefit Children & Families

April 19, 2005
NSBN's 'Equity Beyond Dollars' Argues It Takes A Neighborhood To Raise A Child

April 19, 2005
"Collaborate Or Collapse" -- Tough New England Message

April 19, 2005
Don't Be a 'Girlie Man'

January 24, 2005
Peter Schrag: The school fixers: Once again, the kids come last

December 13, 2004
Dan Walters: Merger of statistics shows a structural flaw in tax system

December 13, 2004
Insurance experiment a costly lesson for town

September 29, 2004
Peter Schrag: Coming on Nov. 2 ballot: A lot more of the same

September 07, 2004
Governing the Golden State: A Critical Path to Improve Performance and Restore Trust

July 06, 2004
Dan Walters: California's crisis of governance undermines democratic theory

June 11, 2004
Key Budget Provision Attacked

May 10, 2004
Deal Could End State Siphoning of Local Taxes

March 30, 2004
Prop. 13 Ruling Means No Tax Refund

March 27, 2004
Prop. 13 Ruling Means No Tax Refund

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New Schools / Better Neighborhoods promotes the vision of new schools as centers of neighborhoods, and neighborhoods as centers of learning.

California Center for Regional Leadership is a statewide nonprofit organization established to support, facilitate, and promote innovative regional solutions for our major economic, environmental, and societal challenges, to help achieve a more sustainable California.

Speaker's Commission on the California Initiative Process recommends ways to improve the system and make it more responsive to voters.

Speaker's Commision on State / Local Government Finance seeks to improve the dysfunctional local/State relationship caused by Prop. 13.

The Metro Investment Report is the insider's guide to public investment in the region.

California Policy Forum was formed to help create opportunities for California citizens and leaders to meet, discuss and find common ground on sensible long-term reforms to the state's land use, fiscal and governmental policies, and to educate and engage policy-makers in collaborative efforts to implement these reforms.

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The Metropolitan Forum Project (MFP) has as its central mission to increase citizen involvement in government processes.

Two fundamental concerns have occupied the citizen leaders participating:

  1. improving public understanding of the fiscal relationships between state, regional and local government, and
  2. intelligently investing voter approved school, park, library and other public dollars so as to build not only new facilities but better neighborhoods in the urban centers of California.

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