The Metropolitan Forum Project Reviving Citizen Civic Engagement

San Fernando Valley Area




Laura De Valencia is the Executive Director of the Hollywood Economic Alliance and an LSC graduate. 213-463-0321.

Raul Godinez II is the Mayor of the City of San Fernando. 818-898-1246 x4.


Bill Allen is with the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. 818-782-7738.

Ken Banks is with the North Hollywood Community Forum. 818-763-5273.

Eric Bauman is a healthcare consultant with CINSA. 818-755-4570.

Russell Blank is a Field Representative for Assemblymember Robert M. Hertzberg, 40th District. 818-376-4040.

Leroy Chase is with the San Fernando Valley Boys & Girls Clubs. 818-896-5261.

James Grant is is the Purchasing Manager for the City of Los Angeles. 213-847-2558.

Jose Hernandez is the Mayor Pro Tem of the City of San Fernando.

Steve Klotzsche is the Director of Administration of the City of San Fernando. 818-898-1244.

David Potell is with the East Valley YMCA. 818-763-5126.

Tom Riley is the President of Riley Enterprises. 818-781-7476.

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