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West Los Angeles / West Valley Area


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Allan Abshez is with Irell & Manella. 310-277-1010.

Jim Bickhart is on Assembly Speaker Villaraigosa's staff. 213-483-2730.

Larry Blumenstein is a Board member of VLI. 818-785-8077.

Hope Boonshaft is with Sony Pictures Entertainment. 310-280-6660.

Terry Conner is with the Coastal Area Support Team. 310-823-6560.

Judith Ciancimino is with Town Hall. 310-216-9366; 310-645-0130.

Kim Day is an LSC graduate. 213-381-3663.

Jeffrey Dennis is with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and is an LSC graduate. 213-217-6635.

Woodie Fischer is with EHP Assoc. 310-268-8132.

Adine Forman is the Director of Government Relations at the Jewish Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. She is a Commissioner of the Santa Monica Commission on the Status of Women and lives in Santa Monica. 213-761-8145.

Cole Frates 310-449-1199.

Madelyn Glickfeld is with the Claremont Graduate School Research Institute. 310-457-5692.

Susan Guerra is the District Manager for Southern California Gas Co. 310-605-4184.

Pete Hernandez is in Public Affairs at Pacific Bell and is an LSC graduate. 818-778-2431.

Joey Hill is with the Office of Assemblyman Kevin Murray. 310-641-4391.

Wade Hudson is a Policy Analyst with the Reason Foundation. He has worked on state-level fiscal discipline issues and is currently involved in privatization programs. 805-298-3771.

Gideon Kracov is an attorney at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP.

Claude Marting is a Consultant. 626-307-1580.

Wendell New is with Union Bank is an LSC graduate. 310-571-4471.

Mary Nichols is with Environment Now. 310-456-8775.

Gloria Ohland is with CALSTTP. 310-815-2103.

Maureen Padilla is a Public Affairs Consultant. 310-451-7403.

Vanessa Poster is a Beach Cities Health District Board Member. 310-372-7181.

Bob Pinzler is on Redondo Beach City Council. 310-374-5103.

Jeffrey Prang is a City Councilmember in West Hollywood. 213-848-6460.

Ben Reznik is an Attorney. 310-201-3572.

Marvin H. Sachse is the Principal Environmental Consultant. 310-301-9170.

Mark Siegel is a consultant with the Public Employees Union. 213-895-4646.

Stuart Siegel is the Mayor of Hidden Hills. 818-884-9405.

Jay Stark is with the Lee Group. 310-827-0171.

Catherine Tyrrell is with Community Act. 310-821-8170.

David Waskow is the Regional Program Director of The American Jewish Congress. 213-761-8940.

Lisa Weil is in Environmental Policy and Public Affairs. 310-822-0074.

Harold Williams is with the J. Paul Getty Trust. 310-440-7340.

Caprice Young is with IBM.

Dee Zink is with the Los Angeles Building Industry Association. 818-225-2858.

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